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 On-Site Optimization

We perform a website audit and optimize it for search rankings within your geographical area. This primes your website for a successful SEO campagin.

 National SEO

National SEO involves the process of managing and improving your online web presence on a national level for larger brands. 

 Data Reporting

The greatest benefits of digital marketing is being able to analyze your customer’s behavior with much detail. This helps you pinpoint your marketing efforts.

 Web Design

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a positive web presence online. We can help you develop a presence for your business online.

 Local SEO

If you’re a local business, we can optimize your rankings across a specified geographical region. This helps you get more traffic and targeted clients for your website.

 Content Creation

Content creation is a very important part of SEO today. We have a team of content writers to high quality writers for blogs, press releases, reviews, and more.

What We Offer

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is an oversimplification of a series of processes that is designed only for one thing – bring your business up on the first few search result pages of some of the world’s premier search engines. It is a collection of concerted efforts to improve the visibility of your business so that more and more web surfers – potential customers for your business – will become aware of the various products and / or services that your business has to offer.

Our SEO services make full use of our online marketing expertise as well as relevant content development so that your website will be fully optimized. We understand the importance of a fully optimized website in the generation of traffic and its conversion into leads and sales. When your website is optimized, people will see it on the first few pages of the search results.

The world’s search engines use a variety of ever-changing unique algorithms that takes into consideration a lot of things. While these algorithms are complex and they do undergo significant changes from time to time, SEO experts can make accurate predictions based on certain behavioral characteristics of these search engines. By effectively monitoring and analyzing the patterns of algorithmic updates employed by major search engines, SEO analysts and experts can make pretty accurate estimates on the overall direction of such search engine activities. This translates to increased chances for your business to land on the first few pages of search engine results.

All businesses depend on the regular influx of customers to their business. A steady stream of new customers will help expand and grow the business. As an online marketing activity, SEO leverages on the power and reach of the internet to direct visitor traffic to your business through a landing page in your website. This will then be translated into leads which your sales team will hopefully convert into customers.

Why should you invest in SEO? Just consider the following.

  • Long Term Results
    Even when you are already reaping the rewards of SEO marketing campaigns, your SEO activities will keep on producing results. This is because you have already laid the foundation to an efficient system of generating traffic into your business. Just think of it this way: SEO is like constructing your dream business in the middle of downtown Baltimore where there is a whirlwind of development going on. The actual process of construction will unquestionably take time. However, once your project is complete, you will already have a complete business structure strategically located in a bustling neighborhood which will give you incomparable access to high-volume traffic to grow and sustain your business. In like manner, SEO allows you to slowly build your business’ reputation as epitomized by its ranking on Google’s search pages until it lands on the first page. This will significantly increase traffic to your site.
  • New Client Base
    SEO allows you to explore other target markets by capitalizing on your search engine rankings. You can still maintain and nourish the business relationship that you have with existing loyal customers and patrons but this should not prevent you from entertaining other potential customers who may have a different need for your services.
  • Excellent Conversion Rates
    A well optimized website complete with the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases as well as credible back links can bring in the much needed traffic into your website. Crafting a credible and compelling landing page will also help convert these visitors into leads and more importantly, into sales.
  • Cost-Effective
    The monitoring and analysis of the complex algorithms employed by Google takes expertise, not to mention considerable time which might as well be used to manage the operations of your business. Hiring an experienced SEO Baltimore expert will save you both the time and the hassle of performing all of these complex processes. Furthermore, an SEO expert knows exactly what your business needs to fare better on Google’s rankings.
While Google’s search ranking algorithms are very technical and complex, our Baltimore SEO experts here at Faculty Creative are more than equipped to perform a series of tests to analyze the patterns of Google’s algorithms to provide much better outcomes for our clients.

Keyword research is often initiated in order to identify the correct set of keywords for your business that will lead to greater visitor traffic conversions into leads. A competitive benchmarking approach is then performed to identify any competitive advantages and inherent flaws in your business’ search ranking results when compared to those of the competition. These will provide us with enough information to create, design, and build a very specific targeted marketing campaign for your business.

We do not only deal with keyword appropriateness for your business but, more importantly, project authoritativeness to increase your chances of landing on Google’s first page using a wide array of related keywords.

We believe in full customization so that the SEO needs and requirements of one business will be entirely different from others. Depending on your business as well as the industry, online competition, and region, we at Faculty Creative nonetheless guarantees that our services are worth more than what you will eventually pay for. Send us a message or give us a call and we will be more than glad to give you a free quote.